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Barber Packaging Capabilities
Barber Packaging CapabilitiesBarber Packaging Capabilities


  • Our CNC water-jet uses state-of-the-art technology to cut parts with incredible precision. We are able to achieve accuracy to within thousandths of an inch out of a host of stock and special order materials including foams, plastics and rubber to name just a few. Able to cut complex profiles and shapes with no tooling required our water jet helps us to achieve industry leading quality while maximizing efficiency.

  • Our extensive saw department allows us to post process and pre-process all of the materials we offer for manufacturing and assembly.

  • BPC's CNC Router allows us to create 3D parts in a single operation with no assembly required. This process results in a very high quality part without the cost of tooling, and expensive labor and adhesives. Some of the materials we router include XLPE, PE, and EPP Foams, Wood, and rigid plastics such as HDPE, UHMW, styrene and acrylic.

  • Our large assembly department allows us the capability of manufacturing complex assemblies for corrugated packs, steel racks, totes, and bins. We are also able to provide kitting services and set up boxes to allow a single source for any packaging or assembly applications.

  • We use the latest in CAD technology to assist our customers with the design process at no extra charge. Whether using physical parts, solid model, math or drawings on a napkin we can take your concepts to the next level. The FTP upload function within our website makes it easy to submit your files directly to our design or quote team. Most file types are supported.

  • At Barber Packaging Co we understand that with the consolidation of work forces people are expected to take on more than ever while still delivering results. This requires effective and efficient execution of a well laid plan, and the right partners to help you develop, implement and manage those plans. That’s why BPC offers comprehensive program management solutions where we analyze systems, identify need, design and implement the right solutions, and manage supply. Let us handle your next program launch and take a load off your mind!

  • BPC has invested in our own fleet of trucks allowing us to control shipping and delivery for those projects with critical timing requirements. Most orders deliver same day as confirmed ship date within our immediate trucking area, which is typically anywhere within 175 miles of our SW Michigan plant.

  • At BPC we realize that fabricated components are not always the best solution for every application. That’s why we have added the capability to supply molded dunnage components and containers out of high grade materials like expanded polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP). With advancements in molded technology tooling has become cost effective for certain medium and high volume applications. Additionally we now offer a line of cold chain shippers that are ISTA 7D approved for pharmaceutical and medical use. They are also great for cold chain food applications!

  • In addition to our wide range of fabrication and assembly capabilities we also offer set up box and kitting services. You can supply components and ship to us for kitting and/or set up, or you can rely on BPC to provide turn key solutions. No matter the requirements BPC has the expertise and capability to meet your needs.

  • Our wire cutters can cut 2D profiles in materials ranging from EPS to high density crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) without the cost of tooling. With 5 CNC wire cutters comprised of a combination of Hot wire, abrasive wire, and razor blade, we are sure to provide you with the right product to fit your needs every time.

  • At BPC we pride ourselves on being top in class the world over in our CNC Abrasive wire cutting capabilities. Our custom built proprietary machines allow us the capability to cut 2D profiles in materials ranging from low density EPE to high density crosslink (XLPE or XL) and everything in between without the cost of tooling. When your application demands uncompromising quality, no one delivers like BPC can.

  • CNC hot wire cutters allow us to cut 2D profiles utilizing a range of expendable materials such as PE, EPS, EPE and EPP. Engineered and built in house our CNC Hot Wire has been designed to optimize performance making it an efficient work horse.

  • CNC Razor blade is ideal for profile cutting soft materials used for the Packaging, RV, Marine and Furniture industries. These materials include polyurethane (PU) and a range of other low density materials. The razor blade allows for dust free "splitting" of the material while maximizing material yields.

  • Die presses are ideal for large volume projects providing a quick turnaround in many applications. Foam is placed between two plentums and compressed with 85 tons of pressure, resulting in a precise, clean cut. With our combination of flatbed press, roll press and clicker press capabilities we’re sure to have he right solution for your application.

  • Our fleet of flat bed die presses are ideal for large volume applications. Utilizing 85 tons of pressure our highly experienced operators are able to achieve a precise, clean cut and quick turn times on a wide array of the materials we offer. With industry best lead times on tooling and production BPC has the capacity and flexibility to meet the requirements for your application.

  • In addition to our fleet of flat bed die cutters BPC also has roll press capabilities allowing us to cut especially wide materials at over 100" in length. This capability is ideal when you have the need for large sleeve packs, HSC’s or plastic corrugated packs.

  • Hot wire down cutters are ideal for cutting simple blocks, rectangles and pads out of low density materials. Our large beds allow for ultra high volume production while maintaining efficiency.

  • Hot wire slicing allows us to slice planks out of low density materials while holding precision tolerances.

  • BPC has both on site and off site warehousing to allow for optimal logistics planning. This investment also allows us to inventory common materials and finished goods for those customers needing JIT and scheduled release shipments.

  • Our laminators allow us to apply adhesives and other materials to various substrates such as paper corrugated, plastic corrugated, brushed nylon, spun bond, crosslink, micro foam and a host of others

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Technical Data:

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