Barber Packaging Company protective packaging materials
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Dark Blue Bullet Polyethylene
Dark Blue Bullet Crosslink Polyethylene
Dark Blue Bullet Beaded Polyethylene/ Beaded Polypropylene
Dark Blue Bullet Expanded Polystyrene
Dark Blue Bullet Corrugated Die Cut/ Solid Corrugated Build-Up-Blocks 
Dark Blue Bullet Polyurethane 
Dark Blue Bullet Foam-In-Place Packaging 
Dark Blue Bullet Corrugated-Foam Assemblies 

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Polyethylene is an excellent performer
in a variety of applications. Polyethylene is easily fabricated, versatile and cost-effective.
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Corrugated Build-Up-Blocks Barber Packaging Company
 Solid Corrugated
Multiple layers of corrugated sheets laminated and cut into blocks.
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Crosslink Barber Packaging Company
 Crosslink Polyethylene

This versatile foam is available in several densities making it compatible for class A automotive, food and medicical packaging requirements. 

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Corrugated Die Cut or Slotted Build-Up-Blocks Barber Packaging Company
 Corrugated Die Cut/
 Slotted Build-Up-Blocks
Build-Up-Blocks are multiple layers of corrugated board laminated together to obtain a desired thickness. Corrugated sheets may be contour CNC cut, sawed or die-cut to create a custom design or shape.
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Beaded Polyethylene
 Beaded Polyethylene
Beaded Polyethylene
or Molded PE is
easily fabricated,
versatile and
cost-effective in many packaging applications.
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Polyurethane foam is a durable and flexible material that is easily fabricated into a variety of custom shapes and sizes.
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Beaded Polypropylene Barber Packaging Company
 Beaded Polypropylene
Polypropylene is a very rugged foam used for packaging heavy items.
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Foam in Place Barber Packaging Company
 Foam In Place   Packaging
Foam-In-Place is
a quick, versatile
and cost-efficient alternative to
molded EPS.
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 Expanded Polystyrene  
Expanded Polystyrene foam (EPS) is an excellent product for cushioning and packaging protection. this foam is easily fabricated without the tooling expense.
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Corrugated Foam Assemblies Barber Packaging Company
 Corrugated-Foam   Assemblies
Our foam-to-foam and foam-to-corrugated assemblies are primarily used to support objects and keep them in position during that shipment.
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